Legal Advice for Starting a Dog Walking Company

There are several things you should think about if you want to start a successful dog walking business, particularly if you want to avoid legal issues or other potential problems. Here we’ll go over these considerations so you can avert potential problems and keep your business running smoothly.

There are several legal issues that can arise for dog walking businesses. While you may be tempted to ignore them until your business expands, you may incur major penalties and fines if you don’t meet certain requirements, such as having a business license that the local authorities require.

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Common Social Media Errors That Lawyers Should Avoid

Social media outlets like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are extremely useful tools for lawyers, helping them connect with other attorneys and prospective or current clients. However, even slight misuse of it can make account management difficult and even severely harm a lawyer’s reputation.

Here are some mistakes that attorneys should avoid when using social media.

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10 Things Business Owners Should Know About the Law

Ethically running a business requires a significant amount of legal knowledge and careful attention to detail. Depending on the company’s industry, there are factors to consider pertaining to finances, employment and labor, environmental regulations, workplace safety, online business, intellectual property, and more. Because there are so many policies and procedures to follow and implement, many business owners become overwhelmed and promptly make a plethora of mistakes. Here are some of the most important legal points to keep in mind to ensure business runs smoothly:

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